No sugar, same taste

Discover how tastefull and sweet a life without added sugars can be. We proudly guide you through our world, representing an alternative for those who no langer can or want to consume sugar.

Our mission is to prove that sugarfree and tasteless are no longer synonyms. We create the same explosion of flavour as you have always known it in all your sweet delights. Also regarding texture and mouthfeel, we don’t compromise, ever.

Recreating the exact same experience can be realised thanks to Zústo, this revolutionary sugar substitute allows us to replace the sugar on 1-to-1 base without any loss of flavour nor texture. You don`t taste the difference yet your boudy feels it. Want to know more about Zústo? We gladly refer you to the experts themselves.

More pleasure, less guilt

With our unique and wide range we don’t only offer an alternative for diabetes, we want to lower the risk of getting this disease on later age and create an awareness around our sugarconsumption. Banning added sugars out of your food brings you éxtra energie, improves your sleeping pattern and lowers the risk of obesitas.

Do you pamper yourself with a moment of pure happiness by choosing one of our refined pastries or do you cope for the classic piece of cake with your morning coffee? Going from traditional flavours to innovative and exotic combinations. All without added sugars but with the same taste.

The importance of a varied breakfast mustn’t be underestimated, we happily contribute yo your daily routine by offering a range of classical pastries, smoothies yoghurt with homemade granola and of course a large choice of coffees.

After your morning routine we proudly present you our lunch-options consisting of a range of fresh salads or sandwiches. To complete we have an assortment of classical dessert, from our ricepudding to the chocolate mousse: all made the traditional way and of course, no added sugars to be seen.

Sweet & Savory

According to us healthier food doesn`t always have to be reduced to the counting of calories but often starts by making conscious choices.  

Replace, dose, enjoy. It can ánd should be as simple as that, let us call it the Sano way of living.

We like to demonstrate this with our sweet and savoury range, both free from added sugars in any form.

The words sweet and care should only be combined by the word without.

Sweet without a care, let us take care of that!

Ever since the New York world exposition of 1964 Belgium has been known for it's mildly sweet and slightly crispy waffle. Indulge yourself with this ancient classic delight from which we didn't change the recipe, we just made it healthier.

So no longer doubt about the chocolate sauce or our fresh whipped cream to top of your waffle, just have them both!

You no longer have to be limited to the sugarfree taste of the day in your local ice-cream shop. Instead be amazed by our range of more than 12 popular tastes. From strawberry to vanilla, from cookie crunch to cappuccino: at Sano you can have it all.

Artisanal ice cream which will make your mouth water, available on a cream or sorbet base.

Guilt-free pleasure

Hereby we proudly show you a taste of what we have to offer in our world where you can enjoy the sweet side of life like never before, without any guilt. Discover the endless possibilities in our store in Antwerp where you can peacefully enjoy your Sano-moment.